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Patent Bar Exam Review Course With Outline

The Bullseye Patent Bar Exam Review Course is designed to efficiently prepare you for the numerous topics tested on the USPTO's Patent Bar Exam. The course includes a 120 page outline that reviews the material that will be tested on the Patent Bar Exam. You will not have to sift through the volumous MPEP. Instead, the outline focuses on the material you need to know, specifically highlighting the areas most often tested.

In addition to the outline, the Patent Bar Exam course includes recent questions tested between 2007-2011 based upon experiences and feedback from recent Bullseye Patent Bar Prep Course users. Also, past test questions are broken down by MPEP chapter so that you can focus on subject matter areas that you may find more difficult than others. Finally, the patent bar course includes a helpful Introduction and FAQ file with helpful tips and suggestions for efficient and effective test taking methods tailored to the computer format of the Patent Bar Exam. Review the product pages for more detailed information on the full course and individual items.

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We have updated the course materials to prepare you for the Patent Bar Exam based on MPEP 8th Edition, Revision 8. You can be confident that you are studying for the latest material tested on the exam based on recent updates. Patent Bar Exam
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