Patent Bar Exam

Bullseye Patent Bar Exam Prep Course and Review Outline

Patent Bar Exam
Patent Bar Exam Updates

MPEP 8th Ed. Rev. 8 Now Being Tested
As of April, 2011, MPEP 8th Ed. Rev. 8 will be used for testing with the Patent Bar Exam. All Bullseye Patent Bar Exam Prep Course materials are up-to-date for this version of the MPEP.

January 23, 2008 - General Requirements Bulletin Update
The USPTO recently updated its General Requirements Bulletin, which details the requirements for application and qualification to take the Patent Bar Exam. Please review the USPTO General Requirements Bulletin for more details.

2009 Paper Version - Patent Bar Exam
An examination for persons seeking registration before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Office) as patent attorneys and agents will be held July 21 and July 22, 2009 pursuant to 35 U.S.C. 2(b)(2)(D) and 37 CFR 11.7. Friday, May 15, 2009 is the deadline for filing applications along with the appropriate application fee and the $450.00 examination fee and all necessary showings required by 37 CFR 11.7(a) and 11.7(b). For more information, visit the USPTO Website for more details.

Patent Bar Exam Results
Notification of all persons passing the Patent Bar Exam appear here. Results are updated on a weekly basis.
Patent Bar Exam
Patent Bar Exam